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The state of XR today can be compared with the era of motion pictures in the late 1800's. VR Marketing

The state of XR today can be compared with the era of motion pictures in the late 1800's.

In those days, audiences were fascinated with the novelty of moving image. It took decades for the medium to embrace elements such as technology, narrative and character development, which are now fundamentals of modern motion picture.

We make VR and AR experiences accessible to more people through efficient content creation, with supporting platform services such as profile management and user analytics.

Design strategy and development for XR immersive experiences.

What we do

Our culture is the amalgamation of who we are and how our business is perceived. Trust is at our core, guiding everything we do and allowing us to show up as our authentic selves. 

Our team are genuine, respectful, personable, hardworking, and curious.

How we do

We understand that today, the mediums of XR are often only seen through the lens of yesterdays norms and we believe it holds the potential for so much more.

We know we're only just scratching the surface of what is possible in XR.

Why we do

Who we are 

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Milan Sadariya

Engineering Lead

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Chris Thomas

Founder & CEO

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Barnabas Lee

Design Lead

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Christy Rowney

Fractional CMO

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Sahil Kashyap

Senior Unity Developer

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Unity Developer

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Operations Manager

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QA Specialist

Chris Thomas - Founder & CEO Dealplay

About the Founder

Chris Thomas

Chris is a technology adoption and development expert with over 20 years of experience in the software and high-tech industries across the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Chris is skilled in strategy, partnerships, and delivery. He spent a decade at Salesforce as an MVP, collaborating with companies like Meta, IBM, and PWC, and holds an MBA from the University of Sydney, having specialized in product engineering and design strategy.

Advisory board

Mark Patton

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Mark Patton - Corporate Governance & Grants
Steve Sheiner - Revenue & GTM

Steven Sheiner

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Neil Capel - Strategy & Operations

Neil Capel

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Who are you

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We're looking for exceptional people to join our team.

Where we are

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