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Press Release: Dealplay Announces Steven G. Sheiner as New Member of Advisory Board

09 Jan 2024 – Dealplay Limited, a pioneering company in virtual and augmented reality experiences, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Steven G. Sheiner to its Advisory Board. With a stellar career spanning over three decades in senior executive management, Mr. Sheiner brings a wealth of experience in innovative business growth, strategic partnerships, and revenue generation.

About Steven G. Sheiner

Steven G. Sheiner is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur, known for his success in building high-growth ventures. His expertise lies in creating and expanding business verticals in various sectors, notably in robotics and digital technology. He has been instrumental in developing a Pet Application with an integrated 501(3)C charity, establishing a subscription-based service for digital adoption professionals, and consulting on monetization strategies for numerous companies.

Previously, Mr. Sheiner held the position of Chief Revenue Officer at Vivendi Universal Net USA, overseeing online platforms in music, games, and entertainment. He was a key figure in the public offering of and played a crucial role in its acquisition by Vivendi Universal. His earlier ventures include strategic roles at, Aegis Communications Group, and Sheiner Direct Marketing and Advertising, Inc.

About Dealplay

Dealplay Limited specializes in creating accessible VR and AR experiences, focusing on efficient content creation and platform services like profile management and user analytics. The company has developed applications across various sectors including education, private security training, and engineering. Their recent projects include immersive learning modules for conflict management and a prototype for satellite constellation design.

Statement from Chris Thomas, Founder & CEO - Dealplay Limited

"Steven is an incredible operator and always adds value through insight and execution. I have known Steven for some time now and am very enthusiastic about him serving on our advisory board. His extensive experience and successful track record in business growth and strategic partnerships align perfectly with Dealplay's vision for the future."

Contact Information:

For more information about Dealplay Limited, visit

This appointment marks a significant step for Dealplay in its journey towards innovation and excellence in the VR and AR industry. With Mr. Sheiner on board, the company looks forward to leveraging his expertise to achieve new heights.

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