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Defencify differentiates at ASIS GSX in Dallas, securing 7x more leads compared to previous years.

Defencify, a trailblazer in online security training, excels in offering state-based certifications across the United States. Their mission is to deliver unparalleled online training that builds a highly-effective security force. They focus on interactive course design, a crucial yet underutilized aspect of security training, seeing it as an invaluable opportunity. Their aim is to uplift the industry through our innovative platform, comprehensive online courses, and vibrant community




Lead generation increased sevenfold compared to previous years' event lead capture.

Complete participation with all attendees submitting their details for the VR shooting accuracy competition.

87% of the discussions at the conference resulted in actionable opportunities.

Defencify differentiates at ASIS GSX in Dallas, securing 7x more leads compared to previous years.

The Challenge

The ASIS Global Security Exchange (GSX) conference is a crucial event in the private security sector, attracting over 16,000 attendees and thousands of vendors annually. It's a melting pot of innovation, trends, and networking. The 2023 event featured key speakers like former President George W. Bush, former CIA officer & FBI special agent Tracy Walder, and Radek Sikorski, Chairman of the EU-USA Delegation at the European Parliament. However, with attendees typically dedicating only a few hours to explore the exposition hall, Defencify faced the challenge of capturing their attention in a brief window, effectively conveying their value proposition.

VR Outdoor Firing Range

To meet this challenge, Defencify unveiled a VR outdoor firing range in collaboration with Dealplay. This cutting-edge training tool used advanced VR technology and a high-tech haptic firearm that simulated the weight and recoil of a real firearm. This realism was critical for private security personnel, especially for those accustomed to handling firearms. The range offered simulations like firing practice and active shooter scenarios, providing an authentic experience.


The VR outdoor firing range became a major attraction at GSX, significantly boosting Defencify's lead generation. It garnered praise for its realism and potential as a training tool, as evidenced by attendee testimonials:

"I was very surprised at how realistic it looked. I didn't notice any jittering or jumping. A very good experience."

"It was as close to realistic as you can get. I think it could be a great learning tool for physical security."


Defencify's CEO stated, "It's not just about meeting industry standards but exceeding them. We'll continue to explore more simulations and scenarios to make security training as immersive and effective as possible."


Encouraged by the success at GSX, Defencify plans to broaden its VR training scope. Future modules will include Active Shooter response, Managing Homeless Encampments, Continuum of Force, Shoot/Don't Shoot, De-escalation, Training for Non-Lethal Weapons, Access Control, and more. This expansion marks a commitment to staying at the forefront of security training innovation, constantly seeking ways to exceed industry standards and enhance training effectiveness.

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