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Universally understood and intentionaly useful.



Longevity for content, assets and practices.



Effective measurement of value and adoption.


We conduct qualitative research to validate your XR immersive learning concept, assisting you in effectively evaluating, simplifying, and communicating your idea in a balanced and objective whitepaper.


To identify the best way to align immersive learning, we conduct a diagnostic analysis of existing materials and provide a detailed report with recommendations for a effective blended learning experience.


Engage your team in ideation workshops to develop captivating narratives, engaging interactions and impactful learning for XR immersive experiences, all while nurturing effective collaboration and productivity.


Verify learning through tailored assessment criteria and analytical frameworks, tracking knowledge retention and improvement for individuals and teams, from the start of the experience and in to the future.


Visually engaging and detailed storyboards and instructional design for XR immersive learning experiences, aligned to new or existing training programs and centered around learning objectives.


A library of reusable assets that allow for cost-effective development of new VR learning content. These assets are tailored to your business and can be used for creating multiple learning modules.


We build meaningful, effective, and measurable XR learning modules and fully functional VR applications. Our library of innovative digital templates allow us to rapidly develop, build, test and iterate as required.


Access the latest XR technology and reduce downtime by letting us handle hardware procurement rental and logistics. We manage everything on your behalf, giving you more time to focus on learning impact.


Be prepared with everything you need to implement an effective VR Immersive learning experience. We have a library of policies, instructional guidelines, and best practices for an effective implementation strategy.


Virtual Reality Training Solutions
Strategy, Design & Development

Create, Deploy, Manage and Monetize Tailored XR Learning at any Scale.

Professional Services

Professional Services
Create, Deploy, Manage and Monetize Tailored XR Learning at any Scale.

XR Training Solutions

Create, Deploy, Manage and Monetize Tailored XR Learning Content.

Design Principles for XR Immersive Learning

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  • Bring your Idea for XR immersive learning to life, develop a business case and communicate it effectively.
  • ​Assess existing training programs and learning plans to justify an investment in XR learning.
  • Design an XR learning experience that is centered around your learner, ensuring adoption and learner satisfaction.
  • Assess existing XR programs to understand learning impact, adoption and return on investment.
  • Offload enrollment, learner management, reporting and the procurement and coordination of XR hardware.
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