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Pricing and Intake Schedule

Designed for execution, challenging learners to utilize core principles more broadly.

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Intake Schedule

April Intake 2023

Sold out

July Intake 2023

Limited Space

October Intake 2023

Space Available

January Intake 2024

Space Available

Secure placements for your team today.

Save up to 70% on sales training

Single Headset

For teams of 1 to 10

$145 /month

$1,740 paid annually*

Team Plan

For teams of 3 to 30

$380 /month

$4,560 paid annually*


For teams of all sizes


Subscription pricing*

*Conditions apply. Prices are in USD. Shipping is included for United States and Australia. Hardware and new releases are distributed quarterly.


New releases coming

Thanks for subscribing!

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